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  • Own a small business or manage part of a larger business?
  • Want to grow your profits as fast as possible?
  • Not a business graduate?
  • Don't know where to start?
  • Too time-poor to research how to do it?

There is a saying, "profit is a business person's applause".

Profit is a tangible way of measuring one's performance as a business owner/manager.

If you are reading this, you probably want more profit or "applause".

But there is an enormous amount of business knowledge and wisdom available to managers on the various aspects to boosting your profit.  So much so, that it can be overwhelming. 

Because there is far too much information around for a time poor manager to read and digest, so much that could grow the profit of your business gets left undone.

Profit Accelerator Academy (PAA) does the hard work on researching how to grow your profit and breaks it into a clear road-map for building profits.  We distill out the enormous amount of available business wisdom into bite sized morsels that are quickly digested and implemented by managers to improve their profits. 

Because you can select what you want, when you want it, we call this our Profit Accelerator of profit-building information.

Our Mission is to provide clear road-maps to growing your profits supported by a detailed, simple to follow, Profit Accelerator road-maps to profit.  Our focus is to get you implementing these as quickly and as effectively as possible. Until your profits are growing, we have not succeeded!

Multi-track Road to Profit

Because people will learn and absorb information on how to quickly boost profits in different ways, we deliver knowledge to you via different channels so you can pick the one(s) that work for you.

1. Accelerator: a special collection of articles addressing the most common goal of for-profit businesses; how do I make more profit.

2. Knowledgebase: our collection of business wisdom distilled into "bite sized chunks" for easy study and application.  You are most likely to use this to answer an immediate problem you have on your road to higher profits.  You can Search by keyword or follow one of our Menus that suggest useful topics to read to speed up profit making.  

Sample topics are:

3. Masterclass: designed for those who would like the satisfaction of completing a structured series of learning modules on subjects of interest.  This is tailored to those who want to systematically expand their knowledge of management.

4. Support: It can be lonely out there being a manager.  Often you can't discuss things with your staff and you may not want your boss to know you are a bit shaky on some topic.  We have several avenues for you to ask questions of like minds and to build a network:

  • Mentoring and Coaching:   Would you like an experienced mentor or coach to help you untangle where to go next to improve your business?
  • Q&A: use your public forums to float a question and get feedback and advice from others.
  • Business networking: this space allows you to form and join groups of like minds to build your own network of business contacts.

More on Growing Profits with Profit Accelerator Academy

  • Read more About Profit Accelerator Academy here.
  • Register for free at the Login Form to the right of this page.  Although paid membership may be necessary later on, Profit Accelerator Academy will always be free to managers in developing countries so we can help you grow and thrive.
  • Want a free weekly email with the latest additions to the Knowledgebase?  Register for Inside Track here.
  • Finally, but all importantly, we will take the Profit Accelerator Academy where you direct us.  Use the Feedback button on the top menu to join in the discussion on future directions.  

We hope you find Profit Accelerator Academy useful and work with us to improve it.

Scott Williams



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