Learn how to make the best use of the Profit Accelerator Academy Smaller Business Management Knowledgebase by taking a minute to read how it is structured.

Rapid Profit Growth Roadmaps

The Profit Accelerator Academy principal focus is demonstrating Pathways to Profit that are structured to guide you through steps that you can take to improve your profit as quickly as possible.

There are many ways to profit and many different types of business so there are many paths to profit.

But many of the principals remain the same;

  1. focus on the few comparatively important contributors to your profit
  2. improve them as quickly as possible to optimize your profit making as the first pass then
  3. open up the throttle to expand your business and have a second pass at further increasing your profits.

Start with the articles here to begin your road to increased profits.


Planning for Profit

Profit may happen by accident but maximum profit is going to require planning.

This collection of articles brings together a host of planning techniques that will contribute to your road map to larger profits.

Brainstorming for Profit

But often you can't start planning till you have good ideas to build on.

This collection of articles on brainstorming for profit avenues will help you and your team turn up new and innovative approaches to profit making.

Profit comes from Revenue.  Revenue comes from Sales.  Increasing sales means working on your type of customers, pricing and value and the sales process or the elements in your sales funnel.   

Customers buy according to their assessment of value.  Value is different with different customers.  See how to build value for your target customers.

Selling to a customer is a journey or process from before they even know about you until they purchase; and preferably return again and again to purchase.  We use the common phrase "Sales Funnel" for this journey and list our relevant information articles under this heading.

Not all customers are worth chasing!  In fact, working with fewer customers can dramatically boost your profits.  Finding and focusing on these best customers are covered here.

Streamline for Profit Growth

You can likely grow profits with what you have and in just months.

You don't have to get more resources or wait for a long time for the ship that is you business to change course.

The quickest path to profit is to streamline or optimize what you are already doing.

These articles will help with that process.

BTW, these are some of the most important "tools" that we can recommend to you so its well worth the time learning about them.


We often refer to the 80/20 Rule throughout Profit Accelerator because we believe it is a great tool to ensure you and your business only focus on the "vital few" things that will make the most difference.  In our opinion, this is a tool you should become very familiar with and hence our emphasis on it.  You can also find 80/20 articles by clicking on their tag

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) teaches that you should first find and optimize any constraints in your business.  Until this is done, much of your efforts on improvement can be wasted.  We refer to TOC often in Profit Accelerator. You can also find TOC articles with their tag

The Human Element in Profit Growth

In the Profit Accelerator Academy, we think of "people" as a vital 'glue' that makes the business function. 

People are essential in business and as contributors to optimizing your profit making.

This group of articles collects Profit Accelerator Academy articles on the human resource.


How you can contribute to Profit Growth

As an owner or manager in a business, you may need a reality check on whether you are ready , willing and able to lead your business to improving its profits. 


Inventory Management Improvement to Boost Your Profit and Cash flow

Inventory has a major impact on both your profitability and your cash flow.

From the profit viewpoint, if you don't have the right items in stock, you can't sell them.  Therefore you forgo the income that you might have otherwise made.

From the cash flow aspect, if you have excess inventory, it ties up cash so your cashflow suffers.  You might have to borrow more and that brings in interest costs as well; which further damage your profitability.

This group of Profit Accelerator Academy articles offers our distilled wisdom on inventory management for profit and cashflow.

Important Tools for Driving Profits

These "tools" in our "tool kit" are basic and reusable building blocks which are valuable basic components that managers will use time after time when assembling a strategic approach to profit acceleration.  Examples include the 80:20 Rule, Parkinson's Law and so on.

Recipes for Opportunities for Profit Growth

In the Profit Acceleration Academy, a Recipe refers to a single collection of business wisdom like e.g. inventory management, website design or sales that comprehensively addresses an action plan for some aspect of business.  A Recipe might appear on several Menus but the knowledge is contained in just one place; a Recipe.  Unlike books, this saves you wading through a lot of material every time to find the particular item you are after.

The Recipes are drawn from experts and distilled into manageable and implementable 'bites' of wisdom for business owners.

Choose Your Level of Detail

Many business owners don't want to spend a lot of precious time doing a "deep dive" into business management theory.  They want a quick road map that they can follow and implement easily.  Others, especially managers with a specialization like marketing, will want to do a "deep dive" into topics that interest them.  The Profit Accelerator Academy caters for both approaches; and for those that want a bit of both approaches from time to time.

Structured Materials Expediting Profit

When dining, a Menu has a list of dishes (recipes) loosely arranged in order of when they are eaten in the meal.  In the Profit Accelerator Academy, we have the same approach.  A Menu might be named Tuneup and hold a group of Recipes that allow you to fine tune various parts of your business.  A Menu is a list of things you can do to accelerate your profit.   Recipes can appear in a number of Menus.  You can pick from the Recipes on a Menu in any order that suits though we will often suggest the order likely to be most effective.

Industry Specific Suggestions

Business ranges across many industries and styles of operation.  We group our business wisdom into industry types so you can quickly find information likely to be most relevant.

Sample industries includes;

  • retail; including wholesale
  • manufacturing; including construction and any other industry with an 'assembly line', project management and inventory
  • professions like legal, interior design and others service industries essentially selling people's time and knowledge
  • hospitality like dining, accommodation


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