Initial Must Knows

Experience has taught the Profit Accelerator team that there are several business skills you MUST know before you start to wander though all the other businesses knowledge that is available.

We can arrange business knowledge in a pyramid shape.

At the very top of the pyramid and the first thing any business must be very aware of is - where are we going with this business?

What are the goals/objectives?

Without a clear understanding of these, it is not possible to align all the elements of the business in a single agreed direction. 


Having worked out where the journey will take us, we then move to the second layer of the pyramid which is to optimize what we presently have with the goals in mind.

This is the fastest way to get improvement in the business.


Once we know we are are going and we have the business running as efficiently as possible, we can start to learn about how to improve the various major elements of the business; marketing, staff, accounting and other metrics and so on.

The courses in this course category will introduce you to these first two critical layers.