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Its July 2017 and we have made an important u-turn in the life of this project.
We have decided to focus especially on tools that will assist in...
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Scott - updated group, Business Startups

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Welcome Sue

As a new member of this group, do you have any first impressions to share on the most important things SB can do to provide pertinent information to...

The Profit Accelerator's Future
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offering mentoring for Noosa Australia businesses

Hello I am a member of the local free business mentoring service Business Mentors Noosa that is an offshoot of the local Chamber of Commerce. Happy...

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This group fosters network building between those that would like to mentor others and those that would like to be mentored.  You may well live a...
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The Profit Accelerator's Future

The Profit Accelerator  will be most productive if it focuses on the 20% of business topics that does 80% of the good for smaller businesses....